• 4 Stansted Road, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM23 2DX
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Reviews for Ashoka an Indian Takeaway in Bishops Stortford

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Highly recommend

Great food. Reliable delivery. Highly recommend.

Morven Wilson, Bishop's Stortford at Dec 18, 2023

Always great food

Always great food with a great taste and timely delivery

Jimmy Georgiou, bishops stortford at Dec 1, 2023

Best value in Stortford

Best value in Stortford, always good food and delivered quickly.

Sreve Taylor, Bishop's Stortford at Sep 5, 2023

Always very pleased with my take always

Always very pleased with my take always

Melanie Bush, Bishops stortford at Sep 2, 2023

Always had a lovely takeaway from you

always had a lovely takeaway from you

Debbie Roberts, Bishops Stortford at Aug 25, 2023

Lovely food

Lovely food and great prices

Vanessa, Bishops stortford at Aug 25, 2023

Lovely food and very good service

Lovely food and very good service, always been plsd.

Melanie Bush, Bishops stortford at Jun 24, 2023

Excellent site

Excellent site....Easy to use and food is fantastic

Dave Morland, Stansted at Jun 14, 2023

Amazing food!

Amazing food!

Maira Santos, Bishop’s Stortford at Jun 7, 2023

Best Indian food in town by far

Best Indian food in town by far. Always reliable and delivery always on time. Really friendly, attentive and helpful staff. Been ordering from here for the last 10 Years and wouldn’t order from anywhere else.

Karen Clark, Bishops Stortford at May 31, 2023

Always great!

Always great! Hot and tasty.

Laura Melling, Bishops stortford at May 23, 2023

Excellent food

Excellent food, prompt service

Pat Fish, Bishop’s Stortford at May 14, 2023

Always perfect

Never had a bad meal, always perfect.

Ken Avery, Bishop’s Stortford at May 6, 2023

Always something to look forward to

Always something to look forward to, never disappoints

Keith Reading, Bishops Stortford at Apr 8, 2023

Food is very good

food is very good, polite and courteous delivery drivers

Philip Goldie, Elsenham at Mar 18, 2023

Best Indian Takeaway

Best Indian Takeaway In Bishops Stortford.

Dave Walsom, Bishops Stortford at Mar 11, 2023

Excellent service

Excellent service Good food Recommend

Paul Franzini, Bishops Stortford at Mar 2, 2023

Best local Indian

Best local Indian, never had a bad takeaway and reasonably priced

Andrew, Bishops Stortford at Dec 17, 2022

Thank you

Please give the option of Tikka meat when ordering a madras dish i.e., chicken madras but unable to order 'chicken tikka madras'. Also, no longer have the option to order a Masala dish, 'madras hot'. These options were previously available. Thank you

Leon Hart, Stansted Mountfitchet at Nov 30, 2022

Great Takeaways from here!

Great Takeaways from here!

Hannah Ballard, Bishops Stortford at Nov 30, 2022

Always great food

Always great food, great service

Robin, Bishop's Stortford at Nov 12, 2022



Rujina Begum, Hertfordshire at Oct 31, 2022

Still the best food around

Still the best food around. Always.

Jeff Gray, Bishops Stortford at Oct 27, 2022

Great food

Great food and service!

Gwenaelle Sobotka, Bishop’s stortford at Oct 12, 2022

Consistently good

Consistently good food and friendly service!

Mark Sewell, Elsenham at Sep 29, 2022



Natasha Coppin, Bishops Stortford at Sep 28, 2022

So good

So good

Chloe King, Bishop Stortford at Sep 18, 2022


Great tasty good sized portions

Michael Melton, Bishops's Stortford at Sep 16, 2022

Highly recommend

Always delivered hot and made with fresh ingredients. Highly recommend

Jemma Williams, Bishop’s Stortford at Sep 4, 2022

Always amazing food

Always deliver before time slot and alwaysamazing food

Vicki P, Bishops stortford at Aug 20, 2022

Great food

Great food great service

Mandy Walsom, BISHOPS STORTFORD at Aug 12, 2022


Love this restaurant, the food is always outstanding and the customer service/delivery is always excellent.

Emma Biggs, Bishop's Stortford at Jul 13, 2022

Excellent service

Excellent service. Great food and always arrives piping hot.

Monique Cates, Bishop’s Stortford at Jun 19, 2022

Good service

Good service, great food good size meals.

Graham Morland, Elsenham at Jun 11, 2022

Always great food

Always great food.

Richard, Bishop's Stortford at Jun 6, 2022

Always really good food

Always really good food, thank you!

Mark, Bishop's Stortford at May 23, 2022

Loved it

First time of ordering a couple of weeks back. Loved it, order arrived in time frame, hot and all correct. Very reasonably priced compared to other places and the best bit… the food was delicious. I’m back ordering again…

Anita Wilson, Stansted Mountfitchet at Mar 27, 2022

Always delicious!

Always delicious!

Helen Cole, Bishop’s Stortford at Mar 25, 2022

Very nice takeaway

Very nice takeaway and fast delivery

Adrian Goodchild, Takeley at Mar 23, 2022

5 star service

Absolutely amazing food quick delivery hot awesome staff .. 5 star service

Dean Jenkinson, Bishops Stortford at Mar 22, 2022

Best in the area!

Best in the area!

Daniel Clark, Bishops stortford at Feb 12, 2022

Always delicious

Always delicious and on time.

Denise Askham, STANSTED at Feb 11, 2022

Always fabulous food

Always fabulous food.

Rebecca Poles, Bishops Stortford at Dec 2, 2021

Food excellent quality & very tasty

Food excellent quality & very tasty. Delivery drivers prompt, polite and friendly

Carol Bulloch, Bishop's Stortford at Nov 30, 2021

Very good food

Very good food and service

Michael Kerrigan, Bishop's Stortford at Nov 30, 2021

Professional friendly service!

Always tastes amazing and in time. Professional friendly service!

Samuel Laskowski, Sawbridgeworth at Nov 13, 2021

Would not go anywhere else

Always order from the Ashoka, staff are really friendly and always happy to see you. Food is always excellent and nothing is too much trouble. Have used them for a long time now and would not go anywhere else.

Maurice Kulis, Bishops Stortford at Nov 13, 2021

Food has always been delicious

Although the wait time is quite long, the food has always been delicious.

Charlotte Le-Surf, Hertfordshire at Nov 5, 2021



Ben Harper, Bishops stortford at Oct 29, 2021

Consistently delicious

Consistently delicious and high quality food!

Andy Monk, Stansted at Oct 14, 2021

Great curry

Great curry, lots of choice

Lucy Moody, Bishop's Stortford at Sep 17, 2021

Great service and great food

Great service and great food. Really recommend if

James Holley, Bishop’s Stortford at Aug 29, 2021

Great food

Great food, fab service, very reasonable prices. Our favourite.

Kevin Allen, Bishop's Stortford at Aug 28, 2021

Great food

Great food. Great price. I only wish the delivery was quicker.

Katy Leman, stansted at Aug 16, 2021

Great food

Great food and fab service

Julia Walters, Elsenham at Aug 15, 2021

Very good

very good but sometimes your chicken dansak is way to hot, and most of time its fine, but the last one burnt my lips.

Sue Crane, Bishops Stortford at Aug 13, 2021

Awesome brilliant quality

Awesome brilliant quality delivery time never late recommend..

Paula Jenkinson, Bishops stortford at Aug 4, 2021

Awesome brilliant quality

Awesome brilliant quality delivery time never late recommend..

Paula Jenkinson, Bishops stortford at Aug 4, 2021

Always great food

Always great food and service

Andrew Dwyer, Bishops Stortford at Aug 1, 2021

This Indian is a hidden gem

this Indian is a hidden gem within Bishops Stortford

Lloyd williams, Elsenham at Jul 24, 2021

A real treat!

Always delicious food. A real treat!

Sarah Mann, Bishop’s Stortford at Jul 24, 2021

Love this place

Love this place

Sal Zannino, Bishops Stortford at Jul 2, 2021

Always a decent curry

Always a decent curry

Danny Beeson, Stansted at May 21, 2021

Fresh & Tasty food

Fresh & Tasty food always with quick & efficient delivery we will never use anyone else

Stacey Cole, Elsenham at May 11, 2021

You can not get a better take away anywhere

You can not get a better take away anywhere food is so bloody good.

Gerard Groves, Bishops stortford at Apr 1, 2021

Amazing food!

Amazing food!

Victoria Stark, Bishops Stortford at Mar 20, 2021

Always good!

Always good!

Wendy Emberson, Bishops Stortford at Mar 12, 2021

best food ever

best food ever

TIMOTHY HANKS, Bishop's Stortford at Feb 27, 2021

Tasty curries

Tasty curries

trevor downham, Manuden at Feb 2, 2021

Excellent food

Excellent food every time

Tim Ashenden, Elsenham at Jan 30, 2021

Great food

Great food and excellent staff

Steve Lodge, Bishop's stortford at Jan 26, 2021

Great service

Great service. Great food

james blaney, bishops stortford at Jan 16, 2021

Good food

Good food. Friendly service

Trevor Doodes, Stansted at Jan 8, 2021


Wonderful.. best Indian takeaway in Bishops Stortford AND you deliver ,which is even better :)

Jo Wilson, Bishops Stortford at Jan 2, 2021

Superb food

Superb food and service always

Jamie Mickleburgh, Bishops stortford at Dec 22, 2020

Best takeaway by far!

Another amazing hot and delicious takeaway this evening. Thank you Ashoka. Best takeaway by far!

Katy Cox, Stansted at Dec 12, 2020

Fantastic food

Fantastic food, great service, always arrives hot and on time.

Jack Stevens, Stansted at Dec 2, 2020

Amazing food

Amazing food and great delivery considering we are furthest away!

Hannah Girling, Little Canfield at Nov 14, 2020

Fantastic Indian Takeaway

Fantastic Indian Takeaway - highly recommended

Sarah Turner, Stansted at Nov 6, 2020

Great food, great service...

Great food, great service... Always fresh and tasty

Stuart Partington, BISHOP'S STORTFORD at Oct 28, 2020



marie hart, STANSTED at Oct 13, 2020

Consistently delicious food

Great Indian takeaway in Bishop's Stortford. Consistently delicious food.

Andrew Bruce, Bishop's Stortford at Oct 11, 2020

Incredibly fresh, amazingly authentic

I have tried pretty much every Indian Restaurant that delivers to our postcode. Without doubt, Ashoka blows them all out of the water. Incredibly fresh, amazingly authentic and always willing to tweak the dishes to taste. Seriously-give this place a go....

Gary McPartland, Manuden at Aug 28, 2020

Food is always hot, and extremely tasty

A really delicious curry, by far the best in the area! Food is always hot, and extremely tasty. We have enjoyed every dish we have tried from there. It really is exceptionally good Indian food and highly recommend!

Ashley Winter, Sawbridgeworth at Aug 25, 2020

Great tasting food at a good price

Our regular Indian! Great tasting food at a good price, wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Stacey Colling, Takeley, Dunmow at Aug 13, 2020

Really great food

Really great food for a decent price

roy macklin, Bishop's Stortford at Jul 27, 2020

Great food and great service

Great food and great service

Val Cooke, Bishop's Stortford at Jul 19, 2020

Quick service

Quick service, good food & Value

Paul McGeady, Bishops Stortford at Jun 30, 2020

We love Ashoka!

We love Ashoka! Tried various dishes, Tikka Masala, madras and Biryiani are favourites! Very tasty and always lovely and hot. Ashoka Tuesday offer is very good value, and our (nearly) weekly treat.

Adam De’Ath, Sawbridgeworth at Jun 30, 2020

Always great!

Always great!

Emily Darter, Bishops Stortford at Jun 27, 2020

Lovely food

Lovely food

Michael Gilbert, Stansted at Jun 14, 2020

Superb food

superb food every time

tim hanks, herts at Jun 13, 2020

Best in Stortford

Fantastic food and service , best in Stortford.

Peter Kent, Bishops stortford at Jun 8, 2020

Great food

Great food, good value and very nice people!

Chris Dixon, Bishops Stortford at Jun 6, 2020

Always on time

Always on time food always hot and delicious And the loyalty scheme a good thing as well

Lee Murrill, Bishops Stortford at May 5, 2020

The food is great

We love ordering online with Ashoka, it is so easy to use. You can even just repeat your previous order which saves time! The food is great and always a treat worth looking forward to. Thank you Ashoka.

Dawn Carter, BISHOP'S STORTFORD at Apr 30, 2020

Best curry in town

best curry in town.

Kayleigh Perry, Bishops stortford at Apr 27, 2020

Excellent food, beautifully cooked

Excellent food, beautifully cooked. Home delivery always on time. I cannot fault them.

Stuart Wood, Bishops Stortford at Apr 10, 2020

Wonderful food, wonderful service!

Best indian takeaway! Wonderful food, wonderful service!

Laura Masterson, Bishops Stortford at Apr 4, 2020

Top drawer in every way

Been using Ashoka for many years. Top drawer in every way

David Light, Bishops Stortford at Apr 4, 2020

Always satisfied

Honestly cannot fault Ashoka, never had an issue with a delivery. Really friendly on the phone. The food is propa tasty. Always satisfied after it, well done boys.... Keep up the good work.

Chris, Stansted Mountfitchet at Feb 23, 2020

Amazing food, amazing service

Amazing food amazing service Best in the surrounding area!! Couldn’t recommend more!

Kathryn Langer, Stansted at Feb 8, 2020

Great quality

Always on time and great quality

Ellie Gardiner, Bishop's Stortford at Jan 19, 2020

Great curry

Great curry and speedy delivery every time :)

Sarah, Bishops Stortford at Jan 5, 2020

Fantastic service

Fantastic service, with Great Food and very good prices. Total package 100% - Best in Stortford.

Alan Soloman, Bishop's Stortford at Jan 4, 2020

Hands down the best curry in Bishops Stortford!

Hands down the best curry in Bishops Stortford!

Tom, Bishops Stortford at Dec 29, 2019

The only Indian we would choose

The only Indian we would choose to order from in Bishops Stortford!

Andrew Draper, Bishop's Stortford at Dec 13, 2019

Great food, great value, great service

Great food, great value, great service. Always arrives on time & is piping hot. Highly recommended

Steve, Bishops Stortford at Sep 27, 2019

Love this takeaway

Love this takeaway, friendly fast service with great food. Whats not to like!

Lisa Lipscombe, Little Canfield at Sep 8, 2019

Always order from Ashoka

Always order from Ashoka, easy ordering, great food and timely delivery

Ian VanDoorn, Bishop's Stortford at Aug 4, 2019

Great food at reasonable prices

Great food at reasonable prices. Nice people too! What's not to like?

Pete, Bishop's Stortford at Jul 25, 2019

Consistent food

Consistent food, and tasty.

Kevin, Bishops Stortford at Jun 14, 2019

Food is always lovely

Food is always lovely and arrives promptly.

Olga Dillon, Bishop’s Stortford at Jun 12, 2019

Very good quality food

excellent service, always prompt and food is always hot. very good quality food.

Russ Moir, Bishops Stortford at Jun 6, 2019

Always lovely food

Always lovely food and delivered on time

Nikki Hayter, Stansted at May 31, 2019

Always excellent food and service.

Always excellent food and service.

Jeff Gray, Bishops Stortford at Apr 26, 2019

Good service, tasty food

Good service, tasty food. Any problems with order quick to resolve

Katy Christy, Essex at Apr 20, 2019

Food is always of good quality

Food is always of good quality and hot

Greg Gardiner, Little Hallingbury at Apr 16, 2019

This is the best Indian In Bishops Stortford!

This is the best Indian In bishops stortford! Never let's us down. Perfect.

Louise shadbolt, Bishop's Stortford at Mar 12, 2019


i have used this takeaway several times and I have to say, its the best Indian food I have ever eaten. the food is always hot and extremely tasty. i would highly recommend this take away to anyone A++++

robert harvey, stansted at Dec 29, 2018


Just ordered a 2 for Tuesdays Ashoka deal, always the best take-away in the week... Abdul took my order and he sounded so friendly,.. very nice guy... there is so much to order from the menu, always spoilt for choice,.... 1 hour later...... OMG... so full... so good..... #delicious . Thanks Abdul, speak to you soon with another order.... Thank you mmmm

Suzii Peters, Herts at Dec 18, 2018

Love your food

love your food - always fresh and hot on arrival. I have recommended you to my neighbours who have thanked me after eating your food.. thank you.

Tricia Madden, Dunmow at Dec 14, 2018

I absolutely love this place!

I absolutely love this place, great delicious food, good value and always really friendly staff. What else can I ask for, without doubt in Bishop's Stortford my favourite takeaway place. Brilliant quality each time I have ordered from here. Would recommend without any hesitation to anyone.

Sal Zannino, Bishop's Stortford at Nov 28, 2018

Lovely menu and yummy food

Ashoka are efficient and prompt but most importantly cook delicious Indian food. Lovely menu and yummy food. Best Indian Takeaway in the area in my book.

Chloe Saunders, Sawbridgeworth at Nov 10, 2018

Always great food and amazingly friendly service

Fantastic quality every time we've ordered a meal. Never been disappointed always great food and amazingly friendly service, cannot fault it..I would rec commend them without hesitation.

Arthur Moss, Bishops Stortford at Oct 19, 2018

Consistently delicious

The go-to choice for indian food in Stortford - consistently delicious

chris emery, Bishop's stortford at Oct 3, 2018

Awesome food, great service!

Awesome food, great service!

Hannah Johnson, Bishops Stortford at Oct 3, 2018



Danielle Salemtedj, Bishops Stortford at Sep 15, 2018



Andy Kay, Stansted Mountfitchet at Jul 27, 2018

Always great food

Always great food and prompt, friendly service. I would definitely recommend Ashoka.

Martin Hodds, Bishop’s Stortford at Jul 24, 2018

Great food and service

Great food and service

Pete Clark, Bishops stortford at Jun 11, 2018

We all enjoyed 150%

We all enjoyed 150%, V Good Quick dinner . ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ S

S’ilanO Shami, Fulton Crescent at Jun 9, 2018

Yet another masterpiece meal

Yet another masterpiece meal delivered on time. Never disappointed. Keep saying I’ll try something other than the Ashoka Special but it’s so good, I keep having it again and again.

Kenny B, Bishops Stortford at May 19, 2018

Best curry house around

Best curry house around. Cook from fresh so I can order most of the menu without onions which I'm allergic to. Brilliant!!!

Helen Jones, Bishop's Stortford at May 17, 2018

Great service

Great service

Marcos Santos, Bishops Stortford at Apr 24, 2018

Great food

Great food, great value!

Thomas Hobbs, Bishop's Stortford at Mar 30, 2018


Always a great service. They will even tailor a dish to your liking!


Best in the town.

Best in the town.

graham Sanders, Bishops Sortford at Mar 24, 2018


Excellent food, great service always

Mark Hargrave, Bishops Stortford at Mar 16, 2018

Always great service

Always great service and first class food. Takeaways are always piping hot when delivered, the Bangladeshi Aloo Bortha is just fantastic.

Caroline Gunn, Manuden at Dec 30, 2017

The Best Indian Meal Ever

Once Again Just Had The Best Indian Meal Ever , Went Down A Treat. , Fab Food Fab Staff .......

Sue Freight, Home at Sep 8, 2017

Well done folks and keep up the great work

They are delightful people, caring, interested a d keen that you thoroughly enjoy your meal. Thank you and we have NEVER had anything that we disliked. Well done folks and keep up the great work

Richard Townsend , Bishops stortford at Sep 6, 2017

Quality food

Quality food and friendly service. By far the best takeaway in the area, its a shame they do not have a restaurant. Highly recommend the Pathia and Dansak.

James, Stansted at Sep 6, 2017

Always fresh

Always fresh and tasty , the spicy dishes are always just hot enough . Wide range of dishes .

Steve Tedman, Bishops stortford at Sep 6, 2017

Best curry around

We love Ashoka, wouldn't go anywhere else! Best curry around

Ashlie Wyatt, Bishops stortgord at Sep 6, 2017

My fave

My fave/go-to Indian in Bishops Stortford area!

David Gray, Stortford at Sep 6, 2017

Top class takeaway

Top class take a way , nothing is too much , the food is excellent, and staff friendly. I totally recommend this place.

Andrew Harvey-Adams, Bishop's Stortford at Sep 5, 2017

Fantastic food

Fantastic food and superb service. I often require a change to the standard dishes, it's never a problem. Never go anywhere else, havent for years.

Jeff Gray, Bishops stortford at Sep 5, 2017

excellent food

excellent food accompanied by first class service. if only there was a restaurant as good in town for those occasions I eat out

rik, farnham at Sep 2, 2016

Highly recommend

Excellent food! The least oily curry we have EVER had. We won't be going anywhere else from now on! The food also isn't as salty as other local curry houses. Overall, our experience was excellent! Highly recommend Ashoka! 5

Anastasia , Bishops Stortford at Jul 30, 2016

very unique flavours

used this take away for the first time and i must say it was soo tasty, all the dish's had very unique flavours, definitely be ordering from them again!

james, bishops stortford at Oct 22, 2015

Great value

Great value, and great food. Would fully recommend this takeaway for it excellent food, great service and all round experience.

Ian, Little Hadham at Oct 21, 2015